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"I wrote this for anyone who may be like I was when I first entered this office, I was scared, hurting, and not knowing what to do.
I retired and moved from Connecticut to Daytona in 2003, I had been to different dentists and already had a life-LONG history of dental problems. Sure enough, I wasn't in Daytona long, when once again I needed a dentist. I went to another dentist in the local area that was recommended to me by my friends, The results of this were like the rest of my dental life, Some of the work not lasting, some of it failing in my mouth and at the worst and most embarrassing times.
Somehow by fate, luck, the grace of God, call it what you like, I found this office. I was having a problem when I first entered this office. I did not have an appointment. I only had to wait a few minutes to be examined. I was told what was needed, and was able to get a return appointment quickly. At this point, although as usual half scared to death, I seemed to sense something different about this office.
I returned for the appointment and was VERY PLEASANTLY surprised at how easy it was and how quickly it went. It was pointed out to me that other things in my mouth were in bad shape. Doctor Westberry gave me a recommendation of the procedures needed to get things straightened out.
Having had such a good first experience I decided to return over the next few weeks and have atl the work done that was needed. Every appointment went well.
As I write this, it is now February 5, 2017. I just had another serious dental problem, (a bridge that was done else-where, now failing in my mouth). Once again I came to this office for help. This time however I had to drive 526 miles from our home in North Carolina. This treatment would take at least three round trips. I easily decided to make the 1,052-mile long-hauls because I know I have the BEST chance for the highest quality work. I know that any dental procedures done in this office Have the best chance to NEVER have to be re-done.
On two different occasions, one of the office staff voluntarily drove their own vehicles in front of mine, so that I could follow them to a hotel that they had recommended for me to spend the night.
If anyone is on the fence about finding the the best·dentist, the best office staff, and the very best dental outcome, in my estimation, if you're reading this, you"ve found it"
~Bill N.
"Thank you Dr. Westberry & Staff for your hard work and dedication. You made me feel all kinds of happy!"
"Dr. Westberry & Staff, Thank you for your outstanding service!"
"Dr. Westberry and staff are so professional and caring. From routine check ups to having extensive work done, I always feel I am getting excellent treatment!"
"They are very courteous and competent. They are very modern and up-to-date and efficient. I'm very happy. Everybody seemed very knowledgeable and they had all the latest gizmos and gadgets and I got to see the inside of my mouth on a television. Everything was neat and organized. They were on time and I didn't have to wait at all. I'm going back there for a cleaning in two months."
"Dr. Westberry recently made me a new denture that fits very well! I did not need one single adjustment and as a long time denture wearer I know this is exceptional, as several adjustments are usually needed!"
Thank you so much for your kindness while helping me with the dental treatment I needed Dr. Westberry. Thank you for your time, energy and the work you offered to help me fix my teeth. I am indeed thankful and wanted to express how I feel. Thank you again. God bless you.
~Wanda P.
Dr. Westberry and his amazing staff, Thank you for making such a huge difference in Robin's life. She told me her smile now lights up the whole house. I am very thankful for what you have done for her!
~Megan G.